Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I turned 32 last week. My family took me to dinner. I got some fun presents. My sister made me a cookie cake.

I was dreading my birthday. The past few years have been like that. I’m not depressed about being old. I’m just depressed in general. And the fact that I am so unhappy at age 32 is just ridiculous. I know that I’m not supposed to compare myself to others. But it is so hard. I see people all around me that are 32 and have everything figured out.

I have a plan to get myself out of this funk. I’m going to move to Los Angeles. It takes so much money and planning though. I’m being as patient as I can. That’s all that I can really do.

Goals for next week:

  • Yoga – You felt so much better when you stuck with it!
  • Continue writing – You are never going to improve if you avoid writing!

I’m finally doing this…

My name is Hope and I have started a blog.

I use to blog and journal constantly when I was younger. There was a point in my life when I really wanted to be a writer. But somewhere along the way I completely lost my confidence in writing.

I am hoping that by committing myself to a paid blog that I will improve my writing skills. I am in the process of making major life changes and I know that writing will help me. I often find myself living in my own head but I need to get it out from time to time.

I’m starting this blog because I need to improve myself. There will not be a theme or a trend to my posts. Sometimes they will be about a great book or movie I recently absorbed. Sometimes it will be generic day to day events. Sometimes it will be about my crippling anxiety or depression.

I invite any advise and criticisms from other bloggers.

This is me.